8 Major Google Algorithm Updates

Every day or sometimes twice Google changes or updates its algorithm. These changes are sometimes small but it can be the bigger one to rank down your website if it is against the same. Google has introduced 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates in past years and we need to study these updates. Digital Marketers need to have watch on these updates. Some websites get the benefit to rank higher if they are having strong SEO. But some websites need to be careful to secure their SERPs.

8 Major Google Algorithm Updates

Here you can find the 8 major Google algorithm updates that rolled out in past years.

PANDA: 24th February 2011

Google Algorithm Panda Update Digitaltechy.inPanda update is for the sites which are having duplicate contents, spammy contents or low-quality contents. Panda will definitely rank down your site if any of these issues found in your web-page.

How to be safe: Regularly check your web-pages for duplicate contents, thin contents or keyword stuffing. In fact, do the website audit using tools. To avoid duplication use plagiarism checker tool to get the unique contents.

PENGUIN: April 24, 2012

Google Algorithm Penguin Update Digitaltechy.in

Penguin update is for those sites which are using spammy links or irrelevant links. Whatever the backlinks your website has got should not spammy. This is based on real time.

How to be safe: Use SEO spyglass tool to examine your backlinks and fix it accordingly.


PIGEON: 24th July 2014 (US)

Google Algorithm Pigeon Update Digitaltechy.in

Pigeon update is for those websites whose SEO is not good. Rather than we can say poor SEO. The pigeon will definitely rank down your website if your SEO is not that much strong.

How to be safe: Check the ON page factor and fix it accordingly. Check out the backlinks you are getting whether they are from good authority or not. Because using low authority website to get the backlinks will be harmful to your website.


HUMMINGBIRD: 22 August 2013

Google Algorithm Hummingbird Update Digitaltechy.in

Hummingbird is an update who helps Google to find the better result when a searcher puts search queries. It is a broad update amongst 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates. When a searcher search for a particular keyword Hummingbird provides not only a particular keyword but broad search related to that query.

How to be safe: Do the keyword research for which you are making web-pages. Try to go for the broader area of a particular keyword. Use synonyms, related topics etc.

MOBILE: 21st April 2015

Google Algorithm Mobile Update Digitaltechy.in

The mobile update ensures that your website should have good mobile usability. Your website loading speed should be good rather than we must say your website should be compatible with the mobile version.

How to be safe:  Have a watch on your website speed and fix it accordingly. If you use SEO spyglass then do the page audit and check it for a mobile page. You can use AMP (accelerated mobile page). This helps you to sort out from this issue.

RANKBRAIN: 26th October 2015

Google Algorithm Rankbrain Update Digitaltechy.in

Rankbrain is a part of hummingbird update. We can say that it is related to the search query done by the Google when a searcher puts a query. Rankbrain finds out the relevance of the search query, the related topic of the query and retrieve the best of best results.

How to be safe: Use the better keyword planner tool and do the needful research for the particular keyword or topic. Find out the all co-related terms and synonyms that can be possible for the particular keyword. You have to do the content optimization for the relevant topic.

POSSUM: 1st September 2016

Google Algorithm Possum Update Digitaltechy.in

Possum update is for your targeted location. Especially this update is for the business. It will show the result according to your location. The nearest one will rank higher.

How to be safe:  Focus on your targeted location whether it is correct or not. At which location your business is and from which location you need traffic are very important things.

FRED: 8th March 2017

Google Algorithm Fred Update digitaltechy.in

Fred update is for those websites who are having ad centered content. If you have a number of affiliate links without focusing on your content then your site will rank down.

How to be safe: Go through the Google Search Quality Guidelines and try to improve your website accordingly. Make your content high quality and then you can go for the Adsense.


These are the 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates that happened in past years. Other than these updates some recent updates are also launched. That we will be discussing in the coming days.




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