Google Analytics : Track Your Website

Well, how will you come to know about the behavior of your website?

How will you know that your website is doing good or bad?  By analysis right.

Google Analytics gives the tracking and the reports of the website traffic. It gives real-time report so that we can know the type of traffic, where the traffic is coming from, type of device people using, IP address etc.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

There are some basic terms like visitors, unique visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rate, average time, etc you must be aware of.

Visitors: These are the users who visit your website.

Unique Visitors: These visitors visit your site at least once in a given period of time.

Sessions: No of times your website accessed by a visitor.

Page views: Number of times your pages viewed from the site.

Bounce Rate: It is the percentage of users who left the site only after visiting the first page. It should be between 25% to 30%. If you find more than that then you have to work on.

Average Time: The time spends on the website.

Type of traffic in Google Analytics:

Direct traffic: This traffic comes directly to the website.

Organic traffic: This traffic comes from SEO activity.

Inorganic traffic: This traffic comes from paid advertisements like from Facebook marketing, Google AdWords.

Social media traffic: This traffic comes from social media advertisements.

How to verify your website in Google Analytics for tracking?

  • First, you need to sign in to google analytics using your Gmail id.
  • Go to the admin area and create an account, fill all the necessary details.
  • For adding your website go to create property and add your website details for which you need to track the reports.
  • One thing you should keep in mind you need have the edit permission for your website. You can check this permission from user management tab.
  • The detail information about your property which you have added like tracking id and all, you can get it from property settings.
  • To get the reports of your website you must link your website with the google analytics.
  • For that go to tracking info tab under property > Get tracking code > Copy this code> paste this code in the <head> section of your website.
  • For <head> section, (WordPress sites) Go to appearance tab > Go to editor> click on the header.php file. OR if you are not aware of coding then just install the plugin named ‘All in one webmaster SEO’. You have to just add the UA number (UA number – universal analytics number) from property settings section. Once you paste the code update the file and your website will get add in the google analytics. Now you can track all the info.

Tools that are used for analysis:

Google Analytics, Adobe AnalyticsPiwik, web trends, Adobe Omniture, Net insights, IBM core metrics, etc.



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