Google Adwords (PPC) : Paid Marketing

Google Adwords (PPC) is an online platform by Google for promoting your product for which advertiser pay for advertising campaigns such as search campaign, display campaign, video campaign etc. Creating a campaign is not so much difficult in Google Adwords. There is little bit change in all the campaigns otherwise each procedure is same in Google Adwords like social media marketing.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords

There are some basic terms that are used in Google Adwords PPC, you must remember.

Campaign: It is a set of ad groups like ads, keywords, bids etc that shows a budget, location targeting, and other settings.

Clicks: Clicks are nothing but the how many numbers of times the user clicks your ad.

Impressions: Impressions are how many times the user view your ad.

Ad group: It contains one or number of ads for which target a shared set of keywords.

CTR (click through rate): It is the % of viewers/users who click on your ads after watching it.

Quality Score: It is a metrics calculated by AdWords based on various factors of quality and relevancy. Quality score range from 1 to 10, best is 7 to 10.

Ad Auction: The ad auction is employed to decide on the advertising that can look on your pages and determine how much likely to earn from those advertising.

Actual CPC: Actual cost-per-click (actual CPC) is the final amount you are charged for a click.

         Actual CPC= Ad  rank to beat/(Quality score+$0.01)

Ad Rank: It is used to determine the ad position.

         Ad Rank= Max CPC * Quality score

Let’s move towards the type of campaigns in Google Adwords (PPC),

In Search campaign, you can create only text ads. Depending on the keywords competition set your bid value and budget value and get the maximum clicks. The cost is calculated depending on bidding strategies and organization goals.

In Display campaign, you can create the ads which use images, logos, banners etc.

In Video campaign, video ads can be created. For that, you should have a youtube channel for your website.

In the Universal app campaign, an advertisement for apps can be created. All of us have seen these ads like download paytm or download the app. For this campaign, you should have your app in the Google play store.



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