How To Do Keyword Research in SEO

After you done with the auditing part you have to proceed for the Keyword Research in SEO. This is the heart part of the SEO we can say. Whether you are doing SEO or SEM or SMM, Keyword research is a must. Because everything depends on the keyword research. How? For example, If you are selling a product how you will make efforts so that the audience can reach up to your product? By advertising right. But for advertising, you have to take care of the audience need. what they are searching for. what keywords they are putting to the internet. These keywords can be more than one, two or three. You have to focus on the present trend that people, audiences are looking for.

Keyword Research in SEO

Methodology for keyword research

There are a number of options available tools available for the keyword research. The most popular and free tool is google keyword planner. I always prefer google keyword planner by Google Adwords. Wordtracker scout, SEO power suit, Soovle etc are the other ones.

The very first thing for the keywords that first go with long tail keywords. These are the combination of 3 or 4 words to form a phrase. This is the most important tip for the newly formed website. For one topic there can 2 or 3 keywords.

Primary keyword: 1

Secondary keywords: 2

Using more than 3 keywords may create keyword stuffing and its dangerous provided you are doing white hat SEO.

Here is the small example of keyword planner tool for you people.

Just put the URL and you will get the relevant results.

keyword research in SEO 1

Which keywords should choose depends on the monthly searches and competition also. whether it is having low, medium or high competition. Also, you will find the bid value range for the keywords when you go with this tool.

So all the best for the Keyword Research in SEO!

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