How To Do Website Audit in SEO

Whatever the module is SEO or Adwords, Website Audit in SEO  is the primary part throughout the process. And the auditing process is not that much difficult to do. If you want to do SEO of a particular website then you must go to the very first process i.e. Website Audit. Every webpage should be audited so that the webpage should not have any missing factors for the search engine. The webpage should be search engine friendly.

If we take into consideration the SEO process then the cycle is as follow.

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Competitors Backlinks AnalysisWebsite Audit in SEO

    Website Audit in SEO

    The Website Audit in SEO is the thing in which we can find out the errors and the missing factors in the website. So that our website can become SEO friendly. For that, you need to use some tools like Screaming Frog, iwebcheck, etc.

    Let’s take an example of Screaming frog:- Paste your webpage URL and export the .csv file which you will be getting an excel sheet. From that file remove all .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .js, .css files. Keep only .html and .php files. Then find out which factors are missing.

    Titles: Make sure the title should not be greater than 55 characters or It should not be missing or the pixel size should not be greater than 512 pixels.

    Description: Description length should not exceed 160 characters sometimes 300 description length can be considered. The pixel size should not exceed than 900 pixels.

    Errors: Make sure there should not be any errors like 404 (Page not found). If so then use the redirection methods.

    Word count: There should be a valid word count if it is missing then correct it.

    Header Tags: Find out the missing H1, H2 tags.

    Using this method the website auditing can be done efficiently.


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