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8 Major Google Algorithm Updates

Every day or sometimes twice Google changes or updates its algorithm. These changes are sometimes small but it can be the bigger one to rank down your website if it is against the same. Google has introduced 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates in past years and we need to study these updates. Digital Marketers need to have watch

Google Analytics : Track Your Website

Well, how will you come to know about the behavior of your website? How will you know that your website is doing good or bad?  By analysis right. Google Analytics gives the tracking and the reports of the website traffic. It gives real-time report so that we can know the type of traffic, where the traffic is

Social Media Marketing

When it is about social media marketing what comes into your mind? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? a lot of sites are there. It is not just for posting the story or getting the updates but you can do Social Media Marketing using the campaigns for your products also to create the ads.   In Facebook, you can create

Search Engine Optimization : Basics

SEO  Search Engine Optimization is nothing but bringing your website to the top of your search engine results like in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This is a little bit technical part of the digital marketing. But not so much difficult once we become experts. One has to be a little bit patient to rank their website

Digital Marketing : Learn from the basics

Hi readers, This blog is about the basic knowledge of Digital Marketing (DM). If you want to learn the modules of DM then just be with me and we will be discussing the digital marketing basics. Let’s get started. Digital Marketing (DM) is the promotion of your product or services using the internet, unlike your traditional marketing.