Top SEO Techniques 2019: Apply To Your Website

SEO is the major part in the digital marketing and everyone should be aware of the SEO techniques that one should apply to the websites. There can be a lot of different ways to do SEO, I mean everyone has their own way to do the optimization part and it may give them the best results as they expect but there are some top SEO techniques 2019 that I want to share with you guys.

Top SEO Techniques 2019

So the very first thing from Top SEO Techniques 2019

Content Auditing: As a dedicated blogger you must audit your content which you have already published before. You can add some more content to your articles or you can just remove the unnecessary topics which were useful at that time but not present.  It can be the style and design also.

Meta Description: Google displays maximum 154 characters description about the article you have posted. This we write in the snippets rather than in the website. So this meta description should be focused to get the better ranking.

Increase Sharability: This is basically related to social media. Share your article so that it can reach up to various people and also ask them to share. Just increase your sharing chain so that your article will get the maximum share and viewability.

Linking to High Authority Sites: External links which are linking to other sites, those sites should be of good authority. It is not necessary that your site should always be linked to a very high authority site. A site having good authority may rank your site better.

LSI Keywords: Latent Semantic Keywords are the words used those are correlated to your topic or topic surrounding. These keywords must be used to get the better ranking.  

Youtube Video: Go for the youtube video and do its SEO so that you can get better relevant traffic.

So Many SEO Tools: Stop using so many SEO tools, your result will get affected using so many tools. Use best of the SEO tool to get the best result.

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