Social Media Marketing

When it is about social media marketing what comes into your mind?

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? a lot of sites are there. It is not just for posting the story or getting the updates but you can do Social Media Marketing using the campaigns for your products also to create the ads.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


In Facebook, you can create ads and run the ads by the paid campaign. there are a number of objectives for the campaign you want to run for the ads, like brand awareness, reach campaign, traffic campaign, app install, engagement, lead generation campaign and so on. Choose the best suitable objective and set the budget and start running the campaign. You will definitely get the best results.

This is less expensive than our Google AdWords.

To run the campaigns for the ads on Facebook first you need to verify the facebook account page with the website using Facebook pixel code. This pixel code is very important for the conversion tracking.  After verifying you can start your campaigns. Social media marketing is a very effective method to create the brand awareness which is one of the campaigns in social media marketing.

Pinterest, this platform is about the images. To save your favorite images, pictures you can create the board. Board is the collection of your pictures which we call it as pins. Just create the pins for every image and save it to your board. This site also assists with the Google analytics . for that you need to verify your website with Pinterest. In Pinterest, go to claim your website. Generate the HTML code and copy it into your index.html part before the body tag. After verifying you can track all the traffic reports from analytics.

In Twitter, likewise facebook, there are different types of campaigns like brand awareness, website clicks & conversions, video campaign, app install etc. The major purpose of the twitter is the real-time communication and news updates. For that, you will be requiring more number of followers. Increase it.

This was the small idea about social media marketing. Start creating your ads guys.



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